Can you write a review on imdb downton

Add your rating See all 31 kid reviews. Enter Louisa "Lou" Clark Emilia Clarkea quirky, optimistic former waitress who needs a job to help with her family's finances.

Can you write a review on imdb downton

This multi-chapter, modern AU fic centers around dogs, specifically Charles and Elsie's dog parenting and will feature idioms and other dog tie-ins. As so many good stories do, will add M chapters.

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Anthony feels he has given Edith back her life. Edith feels she has taken charge of it herself by bringing her little girl home to Downton. She is quite sure that no one suspects a thing. The OC in my character list is Alice, Edith's daughter. Sir Brumble, Sir Anthony's big boar, also has an important role in the story - or so he thinks.

But life has a surprise for the youngest Branson brother, and fate has an odd sense of humor. Sequel to Skeleton Dance. What will Isobel do when her marriage is threatened by another woman? Merton] A Book to Remember by MimiK reviews Edith has to stay at home due to the recent birth of her fourth child, but Bertie brings her a present from London, a book.

K - English - Family - Chapters: Passage by MsMenna reviews Eleven years after his miraculous recovery and return to Downton, Matthew Crawley is enjoying his just desserts.

Blessed with an enviable marriage, two healthy children and Downton standing strong, it seems his good fortune knows no bounds. Then a request made by Martha Levinson, his wife Mary's American grandmother, results in rough waters ahead that will be hard to navigate.

K - English - Romance - Chapters: But, alas, they are sailing on the brand-new White Star Line leviathan: It All Started With A Parade by kymby67 reviews Edith Crawley, while taking her daughter Marigold to see the annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, has a pleasantly unexpected encounter with a distinguished gentleman who has also relocated from Yorkshire, England, one Anthony Strallan.

Now, several years later, do the two of them have that? Read to find out: Mrs Hughes receives an unexpected blessing. Will it help to bring the Housekeeper and Butler closer together? Certainly, their lives will never be the same again.

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Hope you enjoy x Rated: Hughes, Charlie A Brief Encounter by kymby67 reviews Is anyone capable of melting the icy exterior of an argumentative bitter young lady named Edith Crawley? Perhaps a tall handsome baronet named Anthony Strallan is up to the task.

T - English - Romance - Chapters: Tom is back from Boston. Mary is getting to know Henry Talbot better. Will the sentimental paths of the two characters cross? English version of "Entre famille et sentiments" Rated: A what if based in part on the plot of The Ticket.

Tom est revenu de Boston. Mary fait plus ample connaissance avec Henry Talbot. Les routes sentimentales des deux personnages vont-elles se croiser? Branson] Underground by magfreak reviews In search for an adventure, Sybil steals away from her family's London home during her debut season and goes for a ride on the London Underground, where she meets an intriguing young man.

can you write a review on imdb downton

Maggie tries to talk him out of it, while William Bates considers running away to join. Meanwhile, the estate faces major changes. Cruddy summary, but it's going to follow the family after the war and become kind of a series.

Featuring more characters than listed.If you feel like you are ready, you can start writing your reviews and get them published here on Be sure to read up on tips for the actual write-up of a review – Here is a good guide to read up on.

Nothing like a little reunion! Stars from both TV and film are constantly reuniting in Hollywood, whether it be on a red carpet or for a new project. Learning How to Write a Movie Review Online When it comes to writing and publishing online, movie reviews couldn’t be simpler. There’s certainly a general format that you’ll want to develop and follow when writing movie reviews.

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Michelle Dockery: 'I consider myself a widow' After five years in Downton Abbey, Michelle Dockery is back – playing a gun-toting rancher and a ruthless TV exec. Task 1: structuring your film review All good reviews follow a similar structure. The following example gives a clear a indication of how a film review should be structured.

Downton continues on as it always does from one crisis to another. Its a very comfortable show, easy on the eye and entertaining especially Downton continues on as it always does from one crisis to another%.

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