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Ingo Rohlfing, University of Cologne Qualitative Comparative Analysis QCA is a method that has become part of the toolbox in disciplines such as political science, sociology, public administration and organization and management studies.

Qca coursework

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I have already given QCA a remit to review coursework in terms of consistency of approach, fairness and the cumulative burden of assessment. In light of this report I expect QCA to review the position of coursework in GCSEs on a subject-by-subject basis with Qca coursework expectation that coursework should: I will expect to see evidence that the principles outlined above have been given careful consideration when you are developing new qualifications or making changes to existing qualifications.

I place great importance on the wider review of coursework and look forward to receiving your advice in the spring. This guidance must be widely and quickly disseminated and brought to the attention of all concerned.


I am therefore particularly concerned that they are given clear guidance on what is or is not permissible as soon as possible.

It is of course a matter for the regulatory authorities to consider, but I believe that a single statement from the regulators and awarding bodies on what does, or what does not, constitute legitimate help with coursework would be most beneficial. I look to the QCA to ensure that where malpractice is discovered the appropriate sanctions are rigorously enforced.

It is fundamental to your role as regulator to sustain public confidence in our national qualifications, including those containing coursework.

Qca coursework

Coursework can be of great educational value and in many subjects remains an important way of testing skills that cannot easily be tested by a terminal exam.

It is the responsibility of the regulator to ensure that where coursework contributes to GCSE and A-level grades those assessment outcomes are seen to be as valid and reliable as the assessment outcomes obtained from terminal exams.

The report of the independent committee on examination standards, published in Decemberfound that "No examination system at the school or other level is so tightly or carefully managed.Description: This course introduces participants to crisp set and fuzzy set Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) and its analysis in R using the interactive graphical interface of the package “QCA”.

It provides participants with a basic understanding of the analytic underpinnings and steps of QCA, and enables them to independently perform a basic crisp or fuzzy set QCA (Standard Analysis).

GCSE coursework is formulaic, predictable and vulnerable to cheating by pupils, parents and their teachers, a Qualifications and Curriculum Authority report confirmed today.

Qca coursework

The QCA's review, which calls for the scrapping of coursework in nine GCSEs, offers damning insights into how the original. coursework, the QCA may want to consider ways of reducing the assessment burden for teachers.

• The majority (91%) of teachers agree that standards for assessing coursework in their subject are the same across the school. Although. The coursework leaflet, published today, was produced by the QCA coursework taskforce, chaired by headteacher Sue Kirkham, who is currently president of the Association of School and College.

The White Paper also asked that QCA’s review should ensure that coursework accurately assesses what it is trying to assess and leads to the same marks being awarded for the same performance.

In November , QCA published A review of GCE and GCSE coursework arrangements.

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The. The Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) is committed to building a world-class education and training framework that meets the changing needs of individuals, business and society.

We lead developments in managment courses (such as prince2 training), curriculum, assessments, examinations and qualifications.

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