Rhetorical analysis of friday night lights

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Rhetorical analysis of friday night lights

The Guardian Analysis Dr. Mayis quite strange. It purports to be a refutation of the Guardian case and the casual reader may well believe that the authors provided some evidence that it was a hoax perpetrated by "Guardian," whoever that is, and promoted, for money, by Bob Oechsler.

However, the alert reader will realize that the article presents no convincing evidence to show that either the witness testimony or the video constitute a hoax. Instead the article makes a number of unfavorable allegations about Bob Oechsler and tries to make it look as if the investigation was inept.

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I was a consultant and active participant in portions of the investigation and I can state that the investigation was not inept. Furthermore, it is my opinion that the hoax conclusion seems unlikely to be true, considering the witness testimony, and is, at the very least, premature.

The reasons for my opinion of the Guardian case are outlined below. One of the allegations in the article is particularly disturbing to me, since it distorts my initial impression of the Guardian case.

Oeschler sic had shown the tape to Bruce Maccabee and they agreed that what they saw was a UFO and should be investigated further I don't know how the author or Tom Theophanous could have known my initial opinion of the Guardian video since neither one talked to me about it.

Anyway, they are wrong. When Bob first showed me the video and the "documents" that came along with it I most certainly did not "agree" that what I saw was a UFO.

Rhetorical analysis of friday night lights

My immediate impression was that, if it weren't a hoax, it was, at the very least impossible to prove true since Guardian was anonymous. To the best of my recollection, Bob did not say that he thought it "was" a UFO.

However, he did indicate that it was intriguing and could bear some "looking into. I generally feel that a case without a witness is, at best, a waste of time.

The "documents" which Guardian supplied made it appear to me to be another of the "Nazi UFO" types of paranoid UFO literature that has circulated in the past. The video, with no commentary, was difficult to understand. Nevertheless we did spend some time studying the video and we arrived at some tentative conclusions.

We decided that the red lights were probably flares sending off smoke. We could see what we supposed was the UFO with its blue flashing light on top. We could hear background machine-like noises and we could hear dogs barking in the background.

I was particularly interested in the second part which starts off with the image moving rapidly around the screen. The image becomes somewhat more stable and then one sees, on a frame-by-frame basis, the best images of the supposed UFO as it is silhouetted against light from the background flares.

The way the image of the UFO appears, first showing just the top flashing light and then further and further downward on the UFO until finally you see all the way down to the bottom suggested to me that the videographer was walking toward the UFO and climbing a hill while he was videotaping.

But, of course, with no witness testimony and no other evidence, for all we knew the whole video could have been a fabrication. Bob pointed out that the map which Guardian supplied seemed to show a real location and that there appeared to be a lot of potentially verifiable information in some of Guardian's diagrams.

However, I was not convinced that the case was worth pursuing. I forgot about the Guardian case soon seconds? I was surprised to learn later that he had contacted some Canadian investigators in order to pursue the case a bit further.

I was even more surprised to learn a month or so later on that he planned to go to Canada to try to locate witnesses and perhaps even find Guardian. I did not really pay any attention to the Guardian case until after Bob returned from his May,trip and informed me that he had found a witness.

According to Bob, she Diane Labenek had been found as a result of a door-to-door search along one of the roads indicated on Guardian's map. She had recalled an event that she had seen in the field behind east of her house late one August night the previous summer while putting her children to bed.

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They had seen it, too. What she recalled was basically what is depicted in the Guardian video, including bright red burning fires and an object with bright lights and a flashing light on top.

Bob told me that he videotaped her describing her sighting and making drawings before she was shown the video. He then videotaped her reaction to seeing the video. She said it showed what she had seen.research paper on animal abuse videos essay about stop bullying essay about samarkand city map erasmus essay prize rallycross essay tarifs air juvenile justice system persuasive essay essay about making new friends is essential for a successful social life what is a poetry analysis essay literature essay final essay about own business essay about nature history of the barbie doll essay.

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