The emancipation of women

Quick Reference Overview The achievement of complete a economic, b social, c political and d religious equality of women with men, an aspiration whose realization in the course of the twentieth century has been gradual, varied and incomplete. In industrializing countries women are increasingly compelled to join the industrial labour force out of sheer economic necessity. As the demand for labour increases with new areas of employment developing, women are more and more able to find employment in the service sector.

The emancipation of women

Emancipation of women is the process of setting women free from legal, social and political restrictions. It is an effort to secure equal rights for women and remove gender discrimination. Advertisement Have you ever thought of emancipation of women as means of humiliating men?

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If you have not then you will realize that it is about granting an opportunity to choose. The emancipation of women is not about making a female equal to a male. Moreover, it is not about making one of them inferior to the other.

Emancipation gives everybody, both women and men, the possibility and freedom to choose.

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They make choices about their future, their job and their time. The shared fulfillment of household duties is also about emancipation. Both women and men should be able to make a genuine choice which can result in a cultural and social change. That is to say, when a society emancipates a woman it gets rid of traditional gender roles, groundless duties imposed on women only.

The emancipation of women

People fought and they still fight to make the world equal for everybody. Advertisement What is Emancipation of Women?

The emancipation of women

Who is the Emancipated Woman? Freedom and equality for all women! This is what the movement of emancipation of women is about. This motto makes everyone believe that the sun will rise in a totally new world. In this world, a woman is supposed to be free to control her own destiny.

And that free woman is full of enthusiasm, courage and ideas. Emancipation of women makes possible for a female to be a human in its truest sense. Women are humans, of course. But when societies oppress them, they lose nearly everything a human being can have. That is to say, when a woman is emancipated she must be free in all her activities without facing artificial obstacles.

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All her ideas and desires should be fully expressed without fear to be made stay quiet. More academic and a dictionary definition for an emancipated female says: As for emancipation of women, it is: To put it simply, an emancipation of women is just the same as feminism.

First and foremost-she achieved equal suffrage. The right to vote was one of the greatest achievement of the emancipation of women.Mrs Bolanle Ambode is a detribalized Lagosian who has traversed the length and breadth of the state, helping the less-privilege people, seeking the emancipation of women and the youths for an egalitarian society through her pet project the Hope for Women in Nigeria Initiative (HOFOWEM).

The effort to secure equal rights for women and to remove gender discrimination from laws, institutions, and behavioral patterns. After the Civil War ended in , many of these reformers fully committed their energies to gaining women's suffrage.

Stanton and Anthony established the National Woman. The emancipation of women was a struggle of generations. It is still a work in progress.

Here is the story of some of the early advocates in the U.S. Dec 11,  · Find out more about the history of Emancipation Proclamation, including videos, interesting articles, pictures, historical features and more.

Get all the facts on Emancipation of women is the process of setting women free from legal, social and political restrictions.

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It is an effort to secure equal rights for women and remove gender discrimination. Emancipation is any effort to procure economic and social rights, political rights or equality, often for a specifically disenfranchised group, or more generally, in discussion of such matters.

Emancipation stems from ēx manus capere ('detach from the hand').

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